Tetra pak water 33 cl., own design
Custom label bottled water, our specialty!
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Tetra pak water 33 cl.

Tetra Prisma 33 - carton water pack 1
Tetra Prisma 33 - carton water pack 2
Tetra Prisma 33 - carton water pack 3

New! Tetra pak carboard packaging with still water, with your own design. Tetra pak is the most sustainable packaging solution, the empty paks can simply be recycled.

The 33 cl. Tetra paks with your own print are already available from 13.440 pcs with a lead time of about 6 weeks. It is also posslble to keep empty paks in stock in order for you to be fillen with water "on call"

Prices are ex-works The Netherlands. 

Minimum purchase:13440 pieces
Order unit:1920 pieces
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QuantityPackagingPrice per piece
134407 Pallets€ 0,63
2880014 Pallets€ 0,45
5760030 Pallets€ 0,43

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