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Carbon Neutral

Water Concepts Europe assures carbon neutral products and delivery of the PET- and Glas bottles. We compensate the CO2 emission caused by production and transport.

For carbon neutral deliveries we cooperate with the Climate Neutral Group. They invest in projects which reduce the CO2 in the atmosphere. Examples of these projects are windmill parks, water powerplants, solar energy and biogas projects. The Climate Neutral group invests in sustainable forest projects as well. More information:

For the calculation of the carbon emission of our bottles, we have had our carbon footprint analised, see the image.

Coorporate Social responsibilty

Our PET bottles are 100% recycleble and as far as possble they are produced from recycled material. Together with our carbon neutral compensation the products are enviremental friendly.

If u make use of our concept "Charity Water", it is now possible to help children in 3rd world countries access fresh drinking water. This makes our products social responible.

CO2 Neutraal