I want to order. How does it work?

You can enter your order on this website. Choose the right product and upload your label design. We will check your order and the layout and send you an order confirmation and also a PDF of the label design for approval.

How will the products be delivered?

Our products are delivered on pallets. The bottles are shrink-wrapped in trays, which are stacked on a pallet. The pallets are delivered on a truck equipped with a tail lift and a pallet jack.

I need the products faster than the mentioned delivery time, is this possible?

It is often possible to deliver sooner than stated on this website. Before your order feel free to send your request per email! please mention the product type, the requested quantity and the desired delivery time. We will then soon inform you of the possibilities regarding the delivery time.

Are PET bottles harmful to the environment?

The PET bottles we use are made ​​from 100% recyclable material. For example, from used PET new bottles will be produced​, but recycled PET is also used for the fabrication of tennis balls or clothing.

All our water bottles are carbon neutral, The CO2 emissions that result from the production and transportation are offset by implementing renewable energy projects. For more information visit our Carbon neutral page.

I have additional needs. What are the options?

You might have additional needs, for example a transparent label or a label with silver printing, gift-wrapping, delivery to several addresses, etc.

Please contact us to discuss the possibilities.

What kind of water are you using and were does it come from?

Our water is spring water from a source in Mid-Wales.